Winters are lovely 

Hello everyone out there who is reading this blog. We are  extremely sorry that we made this blogpost go a real late. But yeah now we are here to share with you our winter shoot.  As this year is about to end, means almost end and yes it’s winters so let’s make this year end with full bang.

As winters are so special for us so we would have planned a road trip to Pachmari, Madhya Pradesh, India. And yes this place has greater lower temperature in winters as the place is covered with forest. So we have some clicks where in we had to wear as much as clothes we could.

This is a real casual look that you can always have like everywhere. You can wear this in forests, streets, cafes anywhere and everywhere we personally feel. The jerkin in the above picture has been bought from fbb ( fashion at big bazaar) and inside the jerkin there’s sweat shirt as there were greater lower temperature.

This get up is again a smart one as this jerkin is not a simple one but has raincoat material from the outer side so this one is best to have like you can always wear it in rainy seasons and winters. And yes white goes with all the colors so no need to bother in wearing it with anything. This jerkin is from Reliance trends.

Thanks everyone for being with us in the journey though. As the year ends, we are sending you all so many blessings to start a new year with greater happiness.
See you soon.
Until next time.

With love…. 💜

Shivani and Sonal.


Mirrors For Magic 

Hello guys….. Welcome to our blog. 

We are really liking our space here. I mean such a warm response we are getting. Thanks to everyone who are supporting… Today’s post is on mirrors like how mirror glass materials that we use to decorate our clothes. We are sharing some pictures of saree and blouse where in there’s a complete glass work the blouse has whereas the saree is complete plain. 

You can see here that how the blouse has been very well decorated with the glass decorative materials. The blouse which is completely decorative which has been really well fused with the plain contrasting colored saree. 

We liked the whole look tremendously because this something super classy to wear like on any functions.

So guys, i hope you enjoyed the pictures. Don’t forget to follow us, keep loving us, thanks once again everyone. The next post we will posting is on winter wears, So stay tuned everybody. And don’t forget to tell that if you liked it or not by commenting below we need suggestions and ideas as well.

All the love.

Shivani & Sonal

Indian festive markets 

Hey guys welcome to our blog.

It’s been a great experience of being here like so much love and support we are getting. Thanks for that. And all the new followers welcome to the dapper twos world.

Today we have thought of writing a blog on diwali market. We are so attracted towards this idea of craft fare markets where in the people can get anything and everything creative. These markets are so beautiful and attractive to see like so many colorful things are sold here. It’s most colourful part is the accessories. You can get earrings, bangles and so many other things as well. 

These markets generally have hand made things and it just gives us so many options. We also went to this market and bought so many things like earrings and bangles. 

That’s why we like festivals the most because it just gives us a chance to shop as much as we can and such craft fare markets are like cherries on the cake. 

So whenever you get a chance of going to such markets please visit and shop the required things. The people who visit India can shop these things from alleys of accessories. Cause these are the most important things to look glamorous.

Happy reading.

Happy diwali.

With love. 💘


Be The Fire Cracker 🔥 

Hello everyone welcome to our blog, we hope that your diwali shopping is going great. 

As we all know diwali is in  near corner this October. And shops are all got decorated with clothes, earrings, footwears and so many other required things as well. Diwali is something that everybody likes, it is the most colorful festival than any other festival. Festivals of light, cleanliness and happiness we can say and so for this diwali we have come up with the new dressings that could be worn to look more beautiful and traditional. We are sharing the two looks which we have created for those who have not so similar ideas about clothing.

First look. 

In the above picture you can get the idea of looking smart. This look is completely plain with chocolate brown brightly designed kurta of satin having plain and simple neck work and has the laces/knots on either side of the cuts of the kurta. 

This kurta has been dressed up with a black straight palazzo pant along with the silver earrings,  black footwear and pink lipstick. You can also use red hot/warm rust or orange shade colored lipstick all will go beautifully with such colored dresses. 


This is the front look of whole dress. The kurta has moon shaped neck work which you can see here in this picture properly.

Second look. 

This look is so beautiful, traditional and modern. Some of you might like to glam up your beauty by wearing the heavy dresses that has heavy work and embroidery. This beautiful lehanga has beautiful golden thread work with beads properly mended in it. Color combination of pink and purple making it look more classy. 

This dress and look is well enhanced with jewelries like mang-tika, necklace and bangles. The back neck of this dress is so beautiful and the dupatta has purple border which giving mesmerising look. 

  Look more beautiful this diwali. Choose your own colors and get dressed like your own created one. Make your Pooja day/ diwali, a remembered one.

Happy reading.

Shubh Diwali🎆

With love. 💘 

Sonal & Shivani 

Let’s wrap dupatta (scarf) 

Hey guys welcome to our blog. 

So festive season is here and we have thought of creating something new and fresh. In this blogpost we have decided to bring out the uniqueness in you.                                                      We have created a top that is made up of scarf. 

 In the above picture you can see that how scarfs have been mended with the jeans and the shorts. Red scarf has been fused with the blue t-back which is paired up with the black jeans. 

The green scarf that has beads already in it has been folded correctly so that beads could  have been used up here as a neck piece. The green scarf has covered up properly with the white tank top and shorts. 

Talking about the footwears so the red dupatta top and black jeans has been worn up with black stilletoes whereas the green dupatta top and blue shorts has been worn with beige colored wedges. 

By doing it you can play with dupattas by making various designs and can wear it by properly fixing it. So that you can create your own designed top and can fuse it up either with jeans, shorts or with long  skirts as well. Create the things that you are comfortable fortable with and wear it with positive attitude.

happy reading,

Stay stylish.

#Sonal&Shivani…. With love 💜 

The Rural City Girls 

Hello all the great bloggers, 

So our this post will be something about matching the traditional wear jewelry with the hotter party dresses. Like we are here to create the stuff that you can really adopt in your life as well. 

What places you can dress like that? 

Here’s the answer, you can get such look and can go to the parties like your fresher’s party, dinner and lunch dates, your birthday party, you can also carry such dapper looks to the clubs. And we are sure you will burn and kill the the crowd. 

How you can get that look? 

You can get that look by picking up some random jewelry that you wear on your traditional get up then you can pick up the party dress which you are about to wear in any party. Before fusing these two items do some trials so that you would know that if that picked up jewelry is matching your dress or not. And when you’re done go wear it and break the floor. 

1. Here’s the first look 

In the above picture you can see that the red hot party dress has been well fused with the bead necklace and the bangled type bracelet on the wrist which has a bit Rajasthani look. This beautiful dress has been wonderfully chased up with the traditional indian jewelry. 

2. Here’s the look 2 


In the above picture you can see that the boho earrings have been fused up with these  jeggings and the crop top. In this look the dress has the complete modern look though it has been looking excellent with these boho  balis (earrings). 

3. Here’s the look 3

In this look you can see the jewelry items that have been used in that above pictures  with that red hot party dress are again used and fused up with this wrap skirt and black top which has been drawn in to the skirt very well. Though it’s a complete indian get up and well fused up with the same necklace and the same bracelet. 

So be free, to fuse your indian ornaments with your western getup. Take chance, look smart. Use your smartness in dressing up as well. 

So take care… 

Happy reading until next time…. With love 💜


Welcome to ‘Thedappertwos’ world. 😁

Hey guys, welcome to our blog. 

We have started this blog just because we are thinking to create some sort of new things like experimenting with our personal fashion. And really thinking to spread it out to the world. 

Why fashion blogging? 

Like as we have already  told you that we really want to share some fashion awareness. Like we have seen that so many girls get really very confused about what to wear and what not. It’s really very general problem that we face. 

Why it is  important to follow a trend? 

As we are Indian, we girls face a lot more criticism. Girls are generally  compared with  one another like in sense of fashion, lifestyle and everything related to that. Like it has been commonly seen in colleges. And we cannot stop someone from doing it but what you can do is, you can just change the mind of those who really do this comparison kind of stuff either by following a trend which you see in your surrounding or in market by creating your own trend. Don’t forget you have your own charm. 

What things you can do to look fashionable and modern? 

As we think, if you have really poor fashion sense then when you go to a market see the things that are hanging in the shops. Do the window shopping first look the things that are really decorating the market it wil tell you that what is in trend. Then go to the shop ask them and then by seeing your confort level you just shop it down. This is how the things work. Or if you live a really very busy life then while browsing the internet where you can just follow some fashion bloggers in order to stay updated so that by doing this you can grow your knowledge about the trends and can implement while shopping. 

How you can break the chaos and the thinking of narrow minded people? 

Hey  hey hey, we can understand that how it feels when the people around your surrounding criticize about dressing. But if your heart tells to look fashionable then yes you’re that fashionable girl/lady. Break the chaos let people think what they think it defines them and not you. You are just living fully. We need to break the chaos inorder to start the trend. 

So this our first post, kindly show love. 

With love 💜